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Acronyms and Abbreviations used
GLOSSARY, Acronyms and  abbreviations 

ALLSpecies Non-profit foundation dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years - a human generation
ArcInfo GIS software
BioCASE Biological Collections Access System for Europe
BioCISE Biological Collections Information Service for Europe
BioNET int. BioNET-INTERNATIONAL, the Global Network for Taxonomy, is dedicated to creating sustainable mechanisms to assist developing countries to overcome the Taxonomic Impediment by becoming selfreliant in taxonomy.
CABRI Common Access to Biological Resources and Information
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
CHM Clearing-House Mechanism
CIMS Collaborative Information Management System
CIRCA Communication and Information Resource Centre Administrator
COBRA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CONABIO Comisión Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (Mexico).
DIVERSITAS An international global environmental change research programme sponsored by the International Council for Science (ICSU), 
SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment), 
IUBS (International Union of Biological Sciences), 
IUMS (International Union of Microbiological Societies) and UNESCO-MAB (Man and the Biosphere)
EBRCN European Biological Resource Centres Network
EC European Commission
EEA European Environmental Agency
EIONET European Environment Information and Observation Network
EMBNet European Molecular Biology network
ENBI European Network for Biodiversity Information
ENHSIN European Natural History Specimen Information Network
EPBRS European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy
EPGRIS European Plant Genetic Resources information Infra-Structure
ERMS European Register of Marine Species
EU European Union
EUNIS European Nature Information System
EURISCO European PGR Search Catalogue
EuroCat Acronym for Species 2000 Europa
Euro+Med European and Mediterranean Plant Database
Fauna Europaea EC financed project to assemble a database of the scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals. Flora Europaea Database of all the national and regional Floras of Europe (CD-ROM)
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GRID technology Grid Technology enables the sharing and co-ordinated use of services and resources across distributed, heterogeneous dynamic virtual organizations irrespective of geographical location.
GTI Global Taxonomy Initiative

European Network for
Biodiversity Information

Global Biodiversity
Information Facility

FishBase: A Global Information System on Fishes

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification

Catalogue of Life Programme

Biodiversity and Biological Collections

Convention on Biological  Biodiversity