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European Network for Biodiversity Information (ENBI)

he European Network for Biodiversity Information (ENBI) had the objective to manage an open network of relevant biodiversity information center's in Europe and other countries of the western European Palaearctic region, and, in particular, included all European national nodes of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Its objective was to develop the structure of a strong network that is capable of organising the complementary activities of its members in order to add value to the contribution of the national nodes and other European contributions to  GBIF. ENBI was in charge to identify priorities that require a common approach at the European scale. ENBI was an EC supported Thematic Network accommodating 65 European institutes representing 24 countries. ENBI has been rewarded by the EC and was commenced in January 2003. The project got financial support for 3 years. More information available at http://www.enbi.info 



More Details

The European Network for Biodiversity Information was organised on a project (work package) basis. There were four main clusters of work packages, allowing that the interaction between closely related work packages can be managed in an efficient way. 
Cluster I Co-ordinating activities. 
1. Network co-ordination / Co-ordination with GBIF / Sustainability and continuity of European activities 
2. ENBI Forums & Inventory of state-of-art.
3. Dissemination. 
4. IPR, copyrights & financial issues.
Cluster II Maintenance, enhancement and presentation of biodiversity databases.
5. Co-operation of pan-European checklist and ‘Species bank’ database projects.
6. Co-operation of pan-European databases on biological collections and specimens.
7. Observational survey data.
Cluster III Data integration, interoperability and analysis.
8. Data management in large distributed biodiversity database systems.
9. Interoperability and common access.
10. Generic analysis tools and data mining.
Cluster IV Products and e-services.
11. Multi-lingual access
12. Information services on European biodiversity data.
13. Making non-European biodiversity data in European repositories globally available.



European Network for
Biodiversity Information

Global Biodiversity
Information Facility

FishBase: A Global Information System on Fishes

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification

Catalogue of Life Programme

Biodiversity and Biological Collections

Convention on Biological  Biodiversity